April 22, 2006

Tri-ing Times

Sorry we've been so out of touch. Many things going on right now, so this is just a quick note to say that now I'm in the club too. I was out of town when Sarah did her first Triathalon in March. But Sarah, Mary and I did the Saratoga Springs sprint triathalon. Despite a cool morning, the sun came out just in time. Tracy took care of the dogs and cheered us on.

The swim was my big question mark going into it. All those bodies in the water at once can be scary. But the format is fairly civil and most people are nice enough to keep from drowning you. A last minute change in vanues had the swim distance as (only) 250 yards, snaking up and down the pool lanes. I survived that only being passed once. I then made up for a slow swim and even slower transition on the bike. The transition to the run, was even more difficult than anticipated. I spent the first mile clumsily pounding the pavement, before I was able to convince myself that the difficulty was all in my head. I then passed another racer, and another, and another. By the end, I was just starting to reach a respectable pace. My total time was 1 hour, 12 minutes and 22 seconds. I'll happily take that and work towards the next one.