February 16, 2007

General Update

OK, so it's been a while. You probably thought we forgot about you. Not true. Actually we have been very busy and the winter is always tough with the short days, and busy work schedules. But notice I just put up some new photos for you to look at. That should give you an idea what we've been doing the last couple months.

Things are good. Our house is working out well. The neighborhood is great and the dogs are having a wonderful time there. We go on long walks down a dirt road where they can make eyes at the cows from across a fence and jump in the snow. They also have the downstairs to themselves as a heated den during the day. They have a couch and a doggie door. And there's nothing but dog toys to destroy since all our non-perishables and other items are stored down there in Rubbermaid bins or on high shelves. That doesn't mean they don't get into trouble, but it has certainly reduced our vet bills.

Work is good. We're actually both in the middle of some transitions we'll tell you about soon enough. But everything is good there.

The only thing that's been a little frustrating is that it's been a "relatively" dry year. This time last year, we had twice as much snow. So we may only end up with, say 40 ski days. But I also realize there's worse problems to have in life. Hopefully February and March will bring some extra snow in time for our highly anticipated visits from Patty Caret from Maine, Jay Myers from NH, and Meredith and Brian from New York.

Anyway, I gotta run. Hope to hear from you all soon.
Live well.