July 29, 2011

Shapes and Colors

Joe and I had such a wonderful evening. When I arrived home Charlie and Joe were heading our for a walk. Charlie started on his usual path connecting all the manholes in the neighborhood. It makes me so nervous because of the way everyone drives around here. M&M (aka Mrs Myers) had said it appeared that Charlie was rounding the bases. This gave me an idea to cut shapes in some neon printer paper that has been sitting in the spare bedroom closet for years without purpose. It was an amazing success. Charlie walked along the sidewalks of our neighborhood stomping the different shapes. As a working mom I often feel like I am just an observer in Charlie's therapy, the one who schedules the appointments and pays the bill. Tonight I feel amazing knowing that I was able to create a fun environment for my little boy to work through his disability. It is the little moments that mean so much.