July 12, 2012

What is Hippotherapy

Last year, our friends organized an amazing event called Crest on Cruisers to help pay for Charlie’s hippotherapy. This year, we’re paying it forward by raising money for a wonderful little girl named Halle. So to help people understand what hippotherapy is, I put together this little video showing Charlie’s lessons and the progress he's made. Enjoy!

What is Hippotherapy? from Joe Myers on Vimeo.

March 26, 2012

Most Amazing Weekend

On Saturday, Charlie had another absolutely amazing hippotherapy session. Tiffany (therapist), Tulip (horse), Allie (handler), Jim, and Don (volunteers) make the most incredible team. Charlie played the puzzle games and gave high-fives all around as they worked on his flexibility and strength.


See all the photos from the session on Flickr

Then we were off to the playground with Pow-Pow where Charlie navigated the slides and bridges without dropping to his knees to crawl. Given all his hard work that morning, I thought he would be content to play around the house after his nap. But he completely floored Joe and I by walking, that's right everyone, around the house without his walker. He must have done 12 laps before he turned his attention to a game of basketball. Here is a 40 second video of one lap.

January 3, 2012

Hippotherapy Update

Charlie just finished his first round of hippotherapy session before the holidays at The National Ability Center.  As you may know from the previous post, the first two sessions presented a bit of a challenge for Charlie who was resistant to the equipment and unhappy to be separated from Joe.

Thankfully, we stuck it out to the third session which was truly the turning point. Charlie rode a different horse, Tulip, this time. She is a petite chestnut horse with the same amazing disposition as Captain Brownie, and all the horses at the facility from my observation. I am not certain what turned it around for Charlie but he spent the hour giggling and playing games with the therapists.

The following two sessions were equally as enjoyable for everyone. Charlie laughed and sang as he rode backwards, sideways and even stood on Tulip while she patiently walked and trotted around the arena. Joe and I still hid in the alcove with tears in our eyes at time but now they were tears of joy. 

I can not sing the praises of the therapists and handlers enough. They have unending patience and abounding passion for their work making it easy to leave Charlie in their care. Charlie will continue this therapy in the Spring and I am optimistic that he will pick up right where he left off.

Here is Charlie with Allie thanking Tulip for an excellent session.

At the end of each session Charlie feeds Tulip a well-deserved treat. I noticed that Charlie has gained a new appreciation for carrots and even ate some the other night while we were cooking together.