March 26, 2012

Most Amazing Weekend

On Saturday, Charlie had another absolutely amazing hippotherapy session. Tiffany (therapist), Tulip (horse), Allie (handler), Jim, and Don (volunteers) make the most incredible team. Charlie played the puzzle games and gave high-fives all around as they worked on his flexibility and strength.


See all the photos from the session on Flickr

Then we were off to the playground with Pow-Pow where Charlie navigated the slides and bridges without dropping to his knees to crawl. Given all his hard work that morning, I thought he would be content to play around the house after his nap. But he completely floored Joe and I by walking, that's right everyone, around the house without his walker. He must have done 12 laps before he turned his attention to a game of basketball. Here is a 40 second video of one lap.