June 14, 2010

Charlie Update

Charlie is on the brink of his 8 month birthday. He has been sleeping through the night for almost a month now and he even is so kind as to sleep in on some weekends. This weekend he cut his first tooth. It was a big surprise to Joe and I since he has not been particularly fussy lately. He is eating solid foods 2-3 times a day. I am making all of his foods which gives me such a sense of pride. As a working parent I find joy in the little things I can do for him. His favorite food right now is bananas; he smacks his lips when he eats them. He even likes to pretend to feed himself which is just a fancy way of spreading banana all over his seat and kitchen.

Now that he is close to the 18 lbs mark we have been taking him hiking in the hiking backpack. It is so much fun to get outside and experience with world with him. It really seems to like the outdoors and is happy just to sit back and take it all in. Overall, he is such a happy baby; Joe and I are so lucky. I can just sit and stare at him for hours. Even after he has fallen asleep I hold him and take it all in. I am so grateful that he is healthy and happy. He has changed my life.