April 28, 2008

Blogging? It runs in the Family

So my sister, Jessica has started building a Chiropractic Practice in Glen Arbor, MI. In recent weeks there has been some rush on brand identity and some kind of web presence. So I put together a quick site today for her and now she's already blogging! Check her out.


Swept Away in Tampa Bay

OK, I'm not panicking because I know the Sox' offense will start to click whenever it feels like it. But this weekend was a new low. Being swept in Tampa Bay only to hear Neal Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" played following the final out as a well-deserved taunting gesture was just cruel.

As part of a 5-game (for now) losing streak the Sox's bats took a nap on Sunday, flacidly watching Josh Beckett deliver one of the most dominating performances of the year with 13 strikeouts over 7 innings. His only real mistake was an errant pickoff attempt to first which allowed Jason Bartlett to score after another throwing error from J.D. Drew back to the infield. Other than Beckett, that the only Sox highlight was Manny Ramirez inexplicably stealing his first base since 2005, only to be stranded at second. After the game he was quoted as saying "It's a contract year, I'm stealing bases."

Saturday was a similar situation as the youngster, Clay Buchholz tossed a great start only to have the offense leave him out to dry. He may have also been left out too long by Terry Francona, since he was at one point flirting with a 1-hitter. But the 2-run homer he gave up to Akinori Iwamura came just as his pitch count approached 100. By then it was too late.

Anyway, I know things will get better. Lowell's coming back this week from his thumb injury, Papi will hopefully sacrifice a live chicken to lift the hex from his bat, and Manny will be continue to be Manny. So I'm not panicking. But for now it's annoying.

April 27, 2008

Ban Comic Sans

Those who know me as a designer know that there's one surefire way to make me cringe: Mention the font known as "Comic Sans". This horrible font was designed by Microsoft as an attempt to humanize and perhaps hip-up their characterless operating system and software. In fact, it has done the opposite by proving that they just don't get it. This font is atrocious, yet its wide availability especially in the context of Microsoft's banal alternatives has granted it's prevalent abuse from do-it-yourself-ers and anyone with a PC.

My position may sound elitist, but I can assure you that I have your own best interests at heart. The font was originally designed to be whimsical, a more personal alternative to more traditional old-style serifs (Times new Roman or better yet, Goudy) and Sans Serifs (Arial or better yet, Helvetica). Instead its childishness undermines any credibility of its user's intentions and essentially makes them look stupid. There, I said it.

Take for example, this passage from a recent spam email I received...Would you ever fall for this? I hope not. Would it somehow seem more credible if it were written in a more professional font? Perhaps.

Anyway, although I believe I developed my contempt for Comic Sans on my own, It's always nice to have validation by like-minded people. So here you go. Leading the movement against Comic Sans is this organization: www.bancomicsans.com

April 21, 2008

FetchDog comes to Utah

This Winter, FetchDog investors David Shaw and Glenn Close came to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. Sarah and I were fortunate enough to meet them at the Egyptian Theatre and then to ski with them at Sundance Resort for Sarah's birthday. While riding the lift with Glenn, Sarah and I suggested that she should feature Sundance Ski Patroller Tracy Christensen on her Lively Licks Blog. Tracy is a great patroller but he's also the handler of Mick, one of Sundance's Avalanche Rescue Dogs. We explained the important role that Avy dogs play at Utah's ski resorts and how sophisticated their training is. We also encouraged her to participate in Mick's training by allowing herself to be buried in a fake avalanche to let Mick show off his talents. She was of course completely game, and went along with the idea.

Upon meeting Tracy and Mick, Glenn was immediately impressed and couldn't wait to feature them on FetchDog. She also had her step-son Ben shoot some video for the blog post which is now live at FetchDog. The video shows Glenn and David being buried into the snow at Sundance and waiting for Mick to rescue them in a very realistic simulation.

You'll also be able to make a donation to Sundance Avalanche Rescue Dogs in Tracy's Charitable Shop. Just start your shopping with Tracy's recommendations and a percentage of sales (of those items or not) go to benefit Sundance's Avalanche Rescue Dogs and their vital training.
Check it out!

April 1, 2008

Pond-skimming, Utah Style

Saturday was one of those perfect spring days. As the afternoon festivities approached at the Canyons, the place just got sunnier and warmer. When Sarah and I showed up at the contestant area, we bumped into our buddy, Chris Petty who hooked us up with VIP passes for the winners circle. We hung out for a bit and caught up with Canyons locals, but once the event kicked off we were totally focussed on mayhem and nonsense. The crowd was thick and costumes were intense. Have a look.

We were also psyched to hook up with our friends, Chris, Richie, Max, Liz, Regina, Ahdena, Eddie, Brian, and Katie. But what really sucked is that after the "festivities" I was left with the most ridiculous sunburn. My forehead immediately blistered up and started weeping by Sunday night. But I deserve it for not remembering my sunblock! D'OH!