August 1, 2007

New Jobbie Job

My time is up at American Skiing Company and I've accepted a Senior Interactive Position with in Portland, ME. FetchDog is a high-end dog catalog with a HUGE site on the way. There's not much there yet, but soon you'll be able to browse hundreds of products, find helpful information on dogs, read blogs, forums, and articles about dogs, and even participate in an online community where you can create a profile for you and your dogs.

I'm working from home in Utah. Today's the first day. So far so good. I have a nice work station set up in our guest room. My new commute consists of a walk across the hall. Right now the dogs are sleeping at my feet and occasionally jump up to knock my hand off the mouse for attention. I'm listening to internet radio and I hear the sounds of the neighborhood out my window. But I can really concentrate on what I'm doing. No distractions. That being said, i'll miss the people from ASC, and all the laughing and joking. But I can still see folks whenever.

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