January 22, 2008

Billy Poole, Freeskier Dies in Wasatch Mountains

Billy Poole: 1979 - 2008

Billy PooleBilly PooleBilly Poole

Billy Poole, an extreme skier from Montana living in Salt Lake died today in Big Cottonwood Canyon. He was being filmed hucking Wolverine Cirque between Brighton and Solitude Resorts, a jump he had probably skied away from dozens of times. This particular time, his landing was not clear of rocks and he sustained fatal injuries and pronounced dead at the hospital.

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Billy's best friend, roommate and business partner, Julian Carr. I've been corresponding with both Julian and Billy over the website their ski-inspired headwear brand, Discrete. My few dealings with Billy were extremely sincere and I'm inspired by his passion and dedication to skiing. I respect and admire his life's work and hope that his legacy is one of ambition and intoxicating love of life. Our condolences to his friends and family.

The bottom line is that guys like Billy serve as heroes to guys like me. Billy and I were the exact same age and yet I was in awe of him. In his 28 years, Billy lived more than most of us do in 100. He's done things and seen things from perspectives most humans will never know, and in doing so he achieved iconic status among his peers and the ski industry. He will be remembered as someone who squeezed every last drop out of life, and died doing the same. I believe there is honor in that. I'm reminded that life is a fragile and previous gift that must be savored every moment.

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