May 5, 2008

New Office in Park City

Last week I moved into my new office space in Park City's Bear Hollow neighborhood, thus ending the "maybe I'll shower tomorrow" era of my career. I'm still working for FetchDog in Maine, but I now have the ability to work from home or "the office". Working from home had its benefits, but I missed some fundamental and highly underrated aspects of the daily grind.

I rarely left the house during the week. Although I had the freedom to work out or go for a bike ride after work, I rarely did. without the structure of a daily routine, I lacked the motivation to leave my cozy little house.

I had little to no social interaction. I loved having my dogs lay next to me all day, but they were horrible creative consultants and frankly their gas was unbearable.

I never actually LEFT work. Working in an office allows you to turn off your work-related stress (assuming you experience any) at the end of the day. Now I have a place to leave it at night.

Anyway, my new office is in an commercial building within a high-end residential complex beneath the ski jumps of Park City's Olympic Park. It's a mile or two down the road from the entrance to The Canyons resort and it's offers direct access to Park City's great mountain biking and other local activities. Plus, I'll actually be in town when someone says "hey, wanna go for a bike ride?" or "hey, wanna grab a drink?"

The space is a 10x12' room I'm subleasing from an interactive agency called Flashpoint. They all seem very nice and welcoming as they're letting me share their kitchen, conference room, wireless internet/utilities, and printers etc. I'm also sharing the space with my friend Max, who you may remember as my office-mate at American Skiing Company. Max works independently as a web designer and developer. Out my office window is a nice view of the dog courtyard, complete with poop-bag stations. So the dogs may come in on occasion if need be.

So here's hoping that this new development means more biking and more fun this summer.


powstash said...

Been working from home myself for a good 8 months now and I laughed out loud on the "maybe I'll shower tomorrow" comment.

Congrats on the move to a "real" office.

Maddy's Mom said...

i'm so glad you were able to find a good space!!! i work from home two days a week, and while i miss madeline when i'm in the office, i know it's always good to have a reason to get out of pajamas and in the shower!! :)

maddy's dad said...

Joe, I love the light on the desk, lamp shades only cut down the light. lol

Joe said...

haha...yeah, i've had that lamp forever. it's a giant novelty bulb that actually acts as a lampshade. there's a real lightbulb inside it. so it just kinda glows. i guess i bought it for "creative inspiration" a big idea. but it's never once inspired an idea of its own.

The Daily Nugget said...

Dude, nice work getting an office space! The daily hygiene is a strong addition to the workday repertoire.