July 13, 2008

Boston Wedding in Utah

Our friend Evan from Boston was recently married in Cambridge. Unfortunately we were not able to make the wedding but luckily his new bride, Christina had a significant amount of family in Utah who were also not able to make the ceremony. So they decided to have a separate celebration just down the road from us in Woodland, UT. We we were honored to attend and very excited to meet Evan and Christina ahead of time for a nice, mellow hike in the Uinta mountains.

As the morning progressed, we couldn't help but notice that Christina's maiden name, Kimball is one commonly associated with major landmarks in the Park City area (Kimball Junction, Kimball Arts Center, Kimball Arts Festival, etc.). She confirmed her ancestors were in fact, THOSE Kimballs. Furthermore, her Great-great-great-great Grandfather was actually HEBER C. Kimball, (one of the original twelve apostles in the early Mormon church) for whom our humble home town of Heber City is named. And her Great Grand Father was Spencer Woolley Kimball, the Prophet (President) of the LDS Church from 1973-1985.

So....yeah. That was interesting. Christina is no longer a practicing mormon, but seems very well loved and supported by her expansive Utah-based clan. Their celebration was held in a "barn" of all places in the overwhelmingly beautiful Wolf Creek Ranch of Woodland, UT. The sorrounding expanse of rolling, un-fenced ranch land is lightly sprinkled with mountain mansions, each built on a 168-acre lots with several miles of buffer to the nearest adjacent lot. The structures blend nicely into the enormous plateau above the Heber and Kamas valleys, allowing the distant mountainscapes to remain a focal point. Our brief entry into this gated community was enlightening and enjoyable. And we thank Evan, Christina and their families for the invitation.

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Sarah Neukom - The Jimmy Fund in Boston! said...

Hi Joe and Sarah!

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If you're interested in helping out (it can be SUPER low key!) I'd love the chance to fill you in with more details.

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