January 1, 2009

Holidays in Utah

Our holiday was very laid back and low-key this year. Joe and I went to my parents house for Christmas Eve and sat by their new fireplace, ate appetizers, drank champagne and opened presents. One thing that was different this year was Joe bought me a surprise gift, Nordic skis (boots & poles too). Anyone reading this will know how much work he had to go through to surprise me. He did a great job of throwing me off the scent by only wrapping the boots and hiding the skis outside. I have been wanting a pair for sometime since I live in a place with abundant amounts of snow and groomed Nordic trails. To make things even better my grandmother generously sent Joe and I Christmas money which we promptly converted to a set of Nordic skis for Joe. We went out last weekend with the girls to Round Valley and then again last night to Willow Creek before taking in the fireworks at the Canyons. If anyone is on the fence about getting into Nordic skiing, I highly recommend it.

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