August 2, 2009


This weekend Joe and I embarked on the task of setting up the crib in the nursery. We did it in two stages, first the changing table portion on Saturday and then the rest of the crib on Sunday. Blu was there with us each step of the way inspecting our work and we assumed wondering who was the recipient of this fancy kennel. We joked that we should close in the crib around her and see what she did; however, the joke was on us when we realized we had built Joe into the kennel.

All in all the crib was very easy to assemble and we were very pleased at how it looks and fits on the room. We even set up the crib with the bedding that my parents bought us as an advance shower gift. I think it looks great and can't wait to keep nesting.

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Maddy's Mom said...

i'm so freakin excited i could burst!!!!! i'm so happy for you guys!!!