December 22, 2009

A Very Charlie Christmas to All

Well Charlie finally turned ZERO the other day. After two months out in the world, Charlie’s due date came and went so he has shed his “preemie” label. He is now over two months old although by conventional standards, the clock starts now. So his “adjusted age” is now zero.

Having him home has been wonderful, albeit challenging. Sarah has already begun transitioning back to work part time and we’ve both begun feigning a sense of normalcy. We’ve been able to go skiing a couple times and Sarah’s even hitting the gym regularly.

Charlie is starting to become more responsive and despite the occasional meltdown, is still pretty agreeable. He loves tummy time and really keeps us honest when it comes to his feeding schedule, which is still every 3 hours. At his last “Charliatrician” appointment two weeks ago, he weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces. He’s been seeing his “Charliepractor” each week as well for adjustments, reflux treatment and cranial massage and shaping. As we speak, he’s quietly napping in his living room pack’n play. So it’s nice of him to respect my work schedule.

So while we have so much to be grateful for this Christmas, we’d like to extend our best wishes to you and your family. We hope your holidays are happy, healthy and full of love. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy New Year, etc.

A very Charlie Christmas
Charlie’s Holiday Wish to you.


Go away snowman.
OK enough already.

"Wow. Look how big this chair is!"
Wow this is a big world.

Some day this will all be yours
Out for a walk.

Charlie's favorite spot.
Tummy time with Mommy.


Maddy's Mom said...

just out of curiosity-did your doc recommend bringing charlie to see a chiropractor or is that something you guys did on your own? did your dad treat you as a baby?

Joe said...

I guess it's a combination. I'm sure my dad treated us as babies. But he definitely treated us as long as i can remember. But it was my sister (also a chiropractor) who looked at some pictures of his lumpy little head and recommended he go in for cranial massage and shaping ASAP. My dad, who had checked him out at two weeks agreed. The concern would be that if untreated, his head shape could have lead to slow development. Also, a friend of ours had had great results taking her baby to this same chiro for acid reflux. This woman has built her practice around infant care, and came highly recommended by our Doula as well. So i'd say, if you're considering it, make sure you find someone who specializes in infant care. I'm sure my sister(s) would help you find one in your area if you like.

Elizabeth said...

That picture of Sarah & Charlie, wow, you look radiant. Motherhood suits you. Much love to you Myers' this Christmas, from us Deschenes' in little Rhody.