March 8, 2010

Bike MS: Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride 2010!

Joe and I just registered for a two-day 150 mile bike ride to benefit MS. I am so excited to finally commit to this ride and also to have Joe as a team mate. I have wanted to participate in the ride on The Canyons Team for the past 3 years but couldn't make myself commit mostly because I hate fundraising, it always feels like I am asking people to give ME money.

This year turned out the be The Year for numerous reasons. First and foremost Anastasia's shocking diagnosis this fall at the age of 27. Second, needing to get motivated to get in shape. The ride is in late June here in Utah so Joe and I have plenty of time to get our butts into shape. My mom has graciously agreed to watch Charlie while Joe and I punish ourselves by riding 75 miles each day.

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mgnsbrk said...

Awesome! I have been debating signing up for this, if you guys are going I am more inspired, don't know that I am down for 75 each day but will try to sign up at least. Thanks for the motivation!