August 16, 2011

“I Go”

Three mornings a week I drop Charlie off at Daycare. I typically carry him in while all the other kids his age walk in independently, mostly because I am late for work. Joe, my mom and I are all reading various books about parenting children with CP and one thing to note was that we need to adapt to create a sense of independence for Charlie. So today I brought his walker to school with us and placed it next to the car. He grabbed right on and charged towards the curb. With just a little help over the curb he was off and charging up the ramp to the doors. A very kind woman patiently held the door for him and he smiled as he passed her but didn't slow down as he headed down the hall. Without prompting he took the left to the door for his section of daycare. The left front wheel of the walker hit the corner and he just inched it around with such ease I almost started crying.

I learned something today. My little boy can be an independent toddler and get places on his own, with the walker of course, and I need to let him be that big boy. Even now, hours later, it brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes to remember what an amazing job his did this morning. I know I am in for a constant stream of moments like this and I look forward to them. I also know there will be many more obstacles and struggles ahead. But just like you carry the weightless sensation of skiing a fresh line with you over the seemingly endless days of chopped up lines in between the storms; I am going to carry these feelings of pride and love with me through whatever comes next until he amazes me yet again.


patty said...

He is an incredible child. An soooo capable. YOU GO CHARLIE. We will always be there for you and him.

Leslie said...

I love your blog because I can relate to it so much(I already left you a commment earlier about having a daughter with CP). We had twins born at 27 weeks and were at St. Marks hospital as well (the girls were released at the beginning of July 09). I know the excitement you feel with each bit of progress Charlie makes. I'm so happy that he's doing so well. Keep up the good work!

Joe said...

Thank you Leslie for both comments. We're so proud of our little man as I'm sure you are of your daughter. He's doing really well and he inspires us all. He's our hero. Let us know if you ever want to rap about the kids!