October 25, 2011

Great Strides! Charlie's first steps

Charlie took his first independent steps this weekend, just after his second birthday. It was a quiet evening at home and we were horsing around. I propped him up against the couch and we did some lunging. I backed up an inch or two at a time and started patting his feet. Before I knew it he was taking a step, then two, three, four! I cannot express how overwhelmed I am with joy.

I want to celebrate this moment by sharing some highlights from the last year as Charlie started by struggling just to sit up independently. Then after months of hard work, he learned to crawl. Now, having walked with assistance for almost a year Charlie has realized that there’s nothing in this world that can hold him back.

Once more, we’d like to extend our thanks to all the therapists, doctors and specialists who have helped Charlie reach to this great height. And thanks also to friends and family for your support and encouragement.


Charlie has Cerebral Palsy. But it by no means has him. This is his courageous effort leading up to his first independent steps. We are so proud of Charlie and can't wait to see what he does next.


Kristin Carpenter said...

Congrats on Charlie's solo walking! Awesome video!!! Talk about one happy kid! Cuter than EVER and love his long hair. So fun to see you guys in all your happy moments. All our love. . . K, C & P

STB Eventer said...

Yay Charlie!!! What a great video documenting his progress! Charlie is an amazing little boy. :-)

Ellen said...

That is rather AMAZING!!!!!!!! That entire video just made me so happy. And, wow, that is one handsome child. I am so glad to "meet" him!!!

jess guelke said...

Those are some sweet wheels! But it is so nice to see them parked! Amazing! Amazing kid with amazing parents and family.