August 26, 2008

Trip to Maine

Joe and I attended Tera and Jeff's wedding this weekend in Auburn Maine. It was a quick trip for me since Joe had been back east for the week visiting his family, which I am sure he will write about next. I flew out Friday evening at 11:15p from SLC on Jet Blue and apparently they were running a 5 for 1 deal, bring 4 kids under the age of 2 with you and you fly for the price of 1. It was madness and I had to take cleansing breaths as a toddler climbed on my carry-on with chocolate covered hands.

Once I got to Maine I rented a car and drove to Joe's hotel to pick him up. When I approached the hotel I noted that there was a street art fair on the same block and there were barricades all around and the meters were all covered with emergency signs. Finally, I drove through one blocked street and explained kindly to the woman that I needed to get to the hotel parking despite the fair. I made it in and was able to shower and gather myself before we started the trip to Augusta to visit with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandmother.

Gretchen, my Aunt, put on a great lunch for me complete with lobster rolls and even introduced me to the game of Wii. It was wonderful to see them as well as their new home.

Now for the fun part...the reception was outdoors with beautiful waterfalls as the backdrop. Jeff did a great job of keeping his composure while still trying to coax a laugh out of Tera, who looked radiant in her gown. The reception had so many personal touches which only Tera could pull with such style. It was great to be with all the girls from my Sunday River Days and the party ensued. It made me realize what wonderful friends I have and how much I miss hanging out with them. It was a great visit and I look forward to seeing them again and with that I will let Joe tell you about of return trip since he is much wittier than I.

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Tera said...

Hey you two! Even though the wedding is what...almost three months in the past! I am just now starting to catch up on things, and your blog!
Thanks for the wonderful passage about our wedding! It truly was a great time! Goose bumps!