September 26, 2007

Bonds' 756 ball to be Branded With Asterisk, THEN donated to Hall of Fame

Holy Crap, they were serious about this?!

So I took this online poll the other day. Maybe it was on or something. It asked what should be done with Barry Bonds' all-time record 756th home run ball. I found the question amusing in a hypothetically absurd way, expecially given that the options were:
A: "Bestow it intact to Cooperstown" (34 %)
B: "Permanently brand the ball with an asterisk before sending it to Cooperstown" (47%)
C: "Launch it into space forever" (19%)

—I voted for "C".

Ha ha, right? well apparently if I was more current, I would have known this was not joke. Hip hop fashion designer, Marc Echo purchased the ball at auction for a cool $752,467 and announced on live TV that he planned on soliciting a national opinion on what to do with it. The choices, although ludicrous, speak to the "passion" of baseball fans everywhere. Over 10 million people voted to have the ball branded with an asterisk to signify the suspected steroid use surrounding Bonds and his controversial record. And whether or not you think Bonds is a juicer, a cheater, or just an arrogant jerk, everyone seems to care about this record. WOW.

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