September 24, 2007

Sam Fuld on SportsCenter

Came home the other night and turned on SportsCenter. I heard the familiar name, Sam Fuld in connection with a nasty, game-saving outfield assist. My ears perked up. This kid was on my senior Baseball team at Berwick Academy. He was in EIGHTH (frickin') grade back then. Coach Libby had to make a special exception for this kid but he was worth it. He was probably the only one on the team to hit a legitimate homer that year. Granted there were very few fenced in outfields and he was a lefty and our field was about 300 to right. But we knew we were watching something special. He wasn't too tall, but he was solid and disciplined. He never took a bad swing. And he had patience and Varitek-like mental toughness. The following year, he moved on to Phillips Exeter, where he got much more exposure and his stats really started to take off. He then went on to Stanford and set the all-time College World Series Record for hits. There's definitely no coincidence there because it requires consistency over 4 years of nationally ranked performance. He also became Stanford's all-time leader in runs scored. But the point is, expect good things from this kid in the bigs. The Cubs are lucky to have him and I'm hoping the Sox trade J.D. Drew for him.

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