September 19, 2007

We've gone "2.0"

You may have noticed, we've changed the blog around a bit. Until now we had been building our blog "by hand" meaning we wrote all the code ourselves. It's more work but we got more control out of it. We've recently streamlined the process by using Blogger. We've imported all our old posts to this system and we'll keep working to get it the way we like, but there's a lot of extra functionality now. You can write comments on any one of our postings, search the blog, and find stuff quickly using our archive or by the use of "tags" or content labels. You could even "subscribe" to our blog if you really want. But best of all it's easier for us to post stuff...from anywhere. We can post photos with other computers or even our camera phones through our flickr account. Or we can post on the road using various wireless connections, etc. So HOPEFULLY, we'll be writing more often. We hope you'll do the same.

Thanks, as always for checking in.
Joe & Sarah


J said...

um, where is your widget?

Joe Myers said...

FetchDog widgets not yet available. Coming soon to a margin near you.