November 30, 2009


After about 10 days at home with Charlie, we're settling into a routine. Sort of. Charlie eats every three hours which doesn't leave room for much else. Once we've paced him, burped him, changed him, calmed him down, convinced him to sleep and successfully put him down...we're already 5 minutes late for his next feeding.

But we're still having a good time. The dogs are still enamored with him and hang on his every move. He's had a little bit of a sniffle but I think that's starting to go away. And he gets a little bit of heartburn but he's taking Prevacid for that. He's very sweet and as you can see by the pictures below, he really likes to show off his sexy side.

Charlie is lost in thought.
Charlie's lost in thought, a pensive preemie.

Sexy Charlie!
Eat your heart out, ladies....Yeah, you wish.

Check out the GUNS
Step right up. Here's a free ticket to the GUN SHOW!!

No pictures please. I'm spent.
No more pictures please. I'm spent.

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Elizabeth said...

what a handsome little man. glad to hear you're all settling in!