November 27, 2009

Our First Thanksgiving

Yesterday, we celebrated Charlie's first Thanksgiving. My parents came to the house and cooked an amazing dinner for all of us. We all took a walk around the block while the turkey was cooking, this was Charlie's first walk outside. While pushing him all bundled up around the block I began to daydream of all the fun outings we have planned; visiting Yellowstone and the Scanlons, meeting his Great Uncle Rod in the San Rafael Swell, eating handfuls of sand and tide pooling in Kennebunk, visiting Portsmouth with his cousins Jim and Brody and Nichole or simply walking on the back roads and talking to the cows behind our house. I look forward to experiencing the world with Joe and our son.

The first few days at home were very stressful, I was so afraid that Charlie would suddenly stop breathing. Since then my confidence as a parent has increased tenfold and I feel worthy of being this little man's mother. Joe and I are tackling the 3 hour feeding schedule while I finish out my maternity leave and Joe graciously works from home. I cannot imagine how anyone survives being a parent alone. I am extremely lucky to have a supportive husband to tackle the stressful first few weeks.

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emilie inc. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So thrilled your little guy is home and the dogs have adopted him so warmly. What a truly fantastic holiday gift!