November 21, 2009


That’s right. Charlie was discharged on Wednesday from Saint Mark’s Hospital after 31 days in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. We were nervous about taking him home as we had grown quite accustomed to the amazing care he received there. But we were also very excited about starting our lives together, a little stronger for the experience.

Charlie’s vital signs were good and he met all his benchmarks, leading his doctors to conclude it was time for his parole. So on Wednesday, we drove down to Saint Mark’s as visitors for the last time. We gave him his 5 o’clock feeding and went over his discharge forms with the doctor and nurses. And with that, they removed his monitor wires, and helped us to our car with our new package.

The drive home was nothing short of terrifying. I took the wheel, while Sarah stayed in the back with our precious cargo. The hectic driving experience we have become so accustomed to over the years suddenly seemed insane. Typical Utah drivers minding their own business, suddenly seemed like homicidal psychopaths. But at an a-typically slow speed, we made our way home, avoiding any major conflict. When we entered the house as a family, I turned off the outside light — the light that had remained on for Charlie — for the first time since October 18th.

Safely pulling into our driveway with my beautiful bride and perfect son was a sweet, sweet victory. I feel like the luckiest man alive to have them both in my life. I am grateful for family and friends who have stayed close throughout this time, and I’m overwhelmed with more joy than my heart can hold.

Hey Baby...
Dreamie Premie, ready to go home.

Got Your Nose!!

Mommy and Charlie
Sarah telling Charlie all the great things he has waiting for him at home.

Pensive Charlie
Pensive Premie.

Discharge day!

Removing wires
Charlie's having his monitor wires removed for good.

Charlie in his car seat with his prison stripes, breaking out of the hospital

Finally Home. Wednesday night, we turned off the front light for the first time since October 18th.

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