November 21, 2009

Home. Safe. Finally. First couple days alone.

Charlie-Man (AKA King Charlemagne) is finally home, discovering new challenges and new adventures. We brought Charlie home on Wednesday night and introduced him to his new world. He breathed fresh air for the first time; he rode in a car; he saw his house; he met his dogs... all for the first time. Then, as if on queue, the daunting reality set in that we’re alone with this little man. No monitors. No nurses. No safety net at all. That first night was intense. But we made it through, like all new parents do.

As expected, the dogs immediately fell in love with him. He’s like a human squeaky toy. Roxie has been predictably standoffish. She’s curious, but she’s gonna wait for him to approach her like everyone else. we’re not sure if she realizes how long that might take. Blü on the other hand is OBSESSED with him. She’s done nothing but follow Charlie around since the moment we came home, desperately hoping to catch a whiff, a touch or a lick of him. She holds a stalker-like vigil outside his bassinet and climbs the walls when he cries. When we take Charlie across the hall to feed and change him, Blü dances around outside the baby-gate we placed in the doorway. But I think it’s clear they will soon be best friends.

Sarah and I are adjusting to parental life. Coping with the constant worry and the lack of sleep is inherently taxing. Charlie eats every 3 hours (on the dot) and has no tolerance for excuses. But most of the time, he’ll accept a little cuddling, or story time, or tummy time afterwords. And these quiet moments are worth a lifetime of sleepless nights.

I’ve joked about my wife being in love with “another man”. The truth of the matter is that we both are. He’s quite an incredible little guy. He’s fairly easy to please and he adapts well. He tries not to cry too much and he graciously accepts our faults. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Blü, this is Charlie... Charlie, this is Blü.
Love at first site... Blü hasn’t left Charlie’s side since he came home.

First bath at home
Charlie’s first bath at home.

Blü is OBSESSED with Charlie.
Blü wants to help so desperately.

Story time.
Story time! Charlie loves the sound of Mommy’s voice.

Tummy Time with Mommy
Tummy Time for Charlie.

Tummy Time with Mommy
Shhh... Just enjoy the quiet, little man.

Dreamy Premie.

Squishy face = squishy pants.
Squishy face = Squishy pants. might wanna check my tush.
WOAH, that was a big poop.

Ready for bed in a big way.


Heather said...

HOORAY!! Best news all day! Hugs to you all.

STB Eventer said...

So excited for you guys! Isn't is scary at first with no monitors, no nurses, no weighing at feeding time.....I was a basketcase! LOL! Trust me, it will all become second nature. :)