November 3, 2009

Week Three

We officially started week three since Charlie's arrival. Joe's parents flew out for the weekend just in time to celebrate his two week birthday. It was wonderful for Joe, Charlie and I to celebrate the occasion surrounded by the loving support of all four grandparents.

The past two weeks have been trying both emotionally and physically. Last Wednesday, Charlie and I both had a rough day. I was re-admitted to the hospital and Charlie had a bit of a set-back as well. He had been moved to a bassinet and was unable to maintain his temperature and digest all of his food. The doctors moved him back to an isolette and backed off his feedings. Since moving back into the isolette, Charlie has begun to digest increased feedings and even eat a portion of his from a bottle. It is amazing how physically demanding it is for him to eat and digest.

Joe and I have spent the past few nights at our house in Heber. We have taken on a few projects that we began before Charlie's arrival. It feels great to be home and to finally be the energy to finish nesting. We are not sure when we will be able to bring him home so we just focus on each day as it comes.

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T said...

We think about you every day Sarah. It's tough to have a child in the hospital. You, Joe and Charlie take care...