October 22, 2009

Status: Breathing!

Charlie's breathing so well now that they've taken him off his oxygen. He's breathing 100% on his own now so that's one less tether for him. Of course they're still watching him very closely but the fact that his lungs are working so well is a great sign. He really wants to get out of here soon, and so far he gets what he wants.


Allen Family said...

Sarah! Christa just forwarded me your blog so I went through and read the updates. I talked to Christa the other day and she filled me mostly in. I'm so, so glad Charlie is doing well and that you are, too! It sounds like he is a fighter!

All the best!
Nicole Allen

T said...

So fun to see the pictures and your updates. He's adorable!

Gretchen said...

I think Charlie rocked Grandpa's world!!!

Kait and Scotty said...

So glad to hear everything is well with Charlie! He sure sounds like a tough, persistent little guy. I can't wait to meet him. -Kaitlin