October 12, 2009

My Little Man To Be

My Little Man To Be

I will teach you how to throw a ball
I will feed you so you'll grow up tall
I will emphasize the weight of wisdom
so you won't have to lead with gall.

I will give you music, art, poetry
I will give you mountains, sky, the sea
I will show you how to treat a woman
and earn the love your mom shows me.

I will offer you my best advice
I will help you tell the men from mice
I will give you every consolation
when your best just won't suffice.

I will teach you how to camp, mow, shave
I will show you how to misbehave
I will pass along the crucial pieces
that my father to me gave.

I will illuminate your surroundings
I will share with you my love of things
I will insist upon your righteousness
without the hate it brings.

I will love you, little man to be
I will give you all the world to see
You'll have every opportunity
to be a better man than me.

1 comment:

Christopher said...

You're going to be one of those great Dad's that every kid should have.

But you forgot one thing.

"If you choose the wrong font for your website I'll mock you mercilessly." :-)

Good luck guys!