October 21, 2009

More Holding & More Eating

Gary joined me in the NICU for tonight's feeding. He got to hold Charlie for the first time which I think was good for him. They had some great bonding time tonight but tomorrow's Patty's turn.

Afterwords, I gave him his dinner which was another 2 CC's of milk. He was more interested in cuddling and sleeping than eating. He actually snored more than he sipped. But that's ok because he's also still being fed intravenously. Still I couldn't help thinking of the all-night staring contests I had with my father over bowls of peas or brussel sprouts. Anyway, we'll keep trying but they really don't expect him to fully get the hang of it for a couple more weeks. And he has plenty of time.

Gary rocks Charlie's world.

Joe tries to feed Charlie.

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