October 21, 2009

Charlie Update: Day 4 - “New Digs”

Charlie has been doing so well that he's been upgraded to a new NICU unit. His "isolette" looks serious but it's actually a sign that he's doing well on his own because he requires less handling. He's breathing on his own but still has a small wind tube to remind him to breathe. He's also being moved over to a bottle instead of an I.V. so that's nice. This morning we're planning on feeding him for the first time. That's very exciting.

Here's Charlie in his new apartment. He's got his tanning lamp on and he's wearing his sunglasses.

Here's Charlie's foot. I think he's snoring in this photo.

This is the name tag the NICU staff made for him.

Patty and Gary get to enter the NICU whenever they want to see Charlie. Sarah and I took this photo from out in the hall because Charlie can only have two visitors at a time.

More updates soon. We're hoping to feed him today.
Thanks everyone for your love and support.


Maddy's Mom said...

glad he's doing so well!!! give sarah my love!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that he's improving so quickly.
Love from Idaho!

Jessica said...

He's so loved & cared for... Thinking of yr family often. Mama looks great too :-)