October 24, 2009

A Long Week

Sarah was discharged from the hospital yesterday after a 5-night stay following her C-section. Now begins a process of moving forward as a family.

As we begin operating within a routine that includes "visiting" our son twice daily, we are encouraged by what seems like monumental progress with each passing hour. We will now take each day, one at a time, to heal and mentally prepare for his un-tethered debut in the outside world. And while that may take as much as 6 weeks, our sole priority is Charlie's health. We have had the benefit of amazing care and vigilant service by the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Saint Mark's Hospital. And among the most encouraging and uplifting sentiments they've shared with us, is the simple idea that under the circumstances, THIS is as good as it gets. They have reassured us that Charlie is ahead of schedule and has shown outstanding promise. In fact, he's doing better than all of us. His strength gives us strength.

We are aware that premature babies carry certain risks and that the road ahead will have many turns. But Charlie's doctors and nurses have earned our utmost confidence and respect. We'd very much like to thank the staff at Saint Mark's Hospital for their care and sensitive tact. They have shown and continue to show us tremendous professionalism, expertise, and humanity.

We would also like to thank all of you reading this note, for your love and support. We appreciate your calls, flowers, visits, texts, blog comments, Facebook "likes", Tweets, thoughts and prayers. We are very optimistic and hopeful for Charlie. And we're so excited to introduce him to all of you.

Sarah changing diapers inside the incubator

Mommy and baby

Getting weighed is so embarrassing.

Milk Drunk!

Milk-Drunk YAWN!

Nitey Nite! See you tomorrow!

Charlie on his light-up photo-therapy dancefloor..."Billy Jean is not my lover..."


Charlie cuddled up with his dancefloor underneath.

Checking out of the hospital. THANK YOU to all those who sent flowers, texts, calls, tweets, thoughts, and prayers.


Jenn said...

Premiees are surprisingly stronger little guys. Although not quite as small as Charlie, I was a premiee. I blame early contact/glasses need on the oxygenation required in the NICU :) but other than that you'd never know.

Gretchen said...

Sarah, I can see you in Charlie's sweet face in the "Mommy and Baby" photo. You two belong together! A match made in heaven. xoxo to all three of you.

Kristin said...

Congrats on Charlie's tremendous progress! Love the updates. Thinking of you. . . K, C & P

Jeannine said...

Chalie is beautiful! He looks stronger in every update you share...I especially love seeing his eyes open. Love to the three of you, plus Patty and Gary, too.