October 21, 2009

Charlie: Day 4 - “Food & boogers”

Charlie started eating today. He's only having a few milliliters of milk every 3 hours and they're watching him closely to make sure his little tummy can handle it. He wasn't really sure what to do with the food today but he got a taste for it. Over the day he's been getting more used to it and the nurse told me that his 5 o'clock feeding went very well.

After breakfast, Charlie was a little fussy going back into his "terrarium". The nurse checked his nose using a little turkey baster thing. She sucked a few boogers out of him that were so incredibly huge I did a double take. But he immediately calmed down and fell right back to sleep. Wow.

Mommy calming Charlie down before breakfast.

Mommy feeding Charlie for the first time.

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