October 19, 2009


Charlie Landwehr Myers was born on Sunday, October 18th, 2009. He wasn't actually due for another 2 months but I suppose he was in a hurry. Before I get into the details, let me first say that baby and mommy are doing fine. So here goes.
• Born at 10:58am October 18th instead of his due date of December 17th.
• 4 pounds 3 ounces, 17.5 inches long (or "tall" if he was born walking.)

At 3am on Sunday morning, Sarah told me she was having horrible cramps. After a shower and a walk around the block it wasn't going away. These "cramps" started coming more and more often. We called the hospital and they calmly urged us to hop in the car and pay them a visit. By 6:30am we were at the hospital having Sarah checked out. She was dilated 5 centimeters. Before we knew it the doctors were rallying around us to deliver this little party-crasher. After one last check the doctor noticed that Charlie had started sticking his shoulder out instead of his head. At this time they agreed to move to a cesarean section, which went beautifully.

By 10:58am, Charlie was born and Sarah was being closed up. Sarah was awake throughout the operation and I was allowed to stay with her the whole way through. As soon as Charlie was out, the NICU team whisked him away to their cutting edge facility. He's under their close eye now and will be for up to the next six weeks. So far he's responding amazingly well to the treatments and is already ahead of schedule. He's receiving "photo therapy" (which is like a baby tanning bed) and lots of food through various I.V.'s. He was also on a ventilator for the first 24+ hours but he's breathing mostly on his own now and doing quite well. On our last visit an hour ago, Sarah and I actually got to hear him cry for the first time and although I'm sure it will be easy to lose sight of in a few months, that was truly wonderful.

We'd like to thank Saint Mark's Hospital for all their hard work and quick, decisive action. Not to mention their care since our arrival has been outstanding. Every doctor, nurse, and technician we've encountered has been amazing.

We also want to thank all our loving friends and family who have shown us their support in the last few days. We can't wait for Charlie to meet all of you. We love you very much.

Now, here are a few pictures:

Joe and Sarah keeping a stiff upper lip going between contractions.

Joe on his way into the c-section operating room.

Charlie's first picture in the outside world.

Charlie in the NICU unit.

Sarah touching Charlie for the first time.

Charlie's hand around Joe's pinky.

Sarah's hand and Carlie's little tootsie.

Charlie crying. YAY!!!

Sarah listening to Charlie cry for the first time.


Chip said...

Congratulations! Especially Sarah for enduring labor, then C-section, 7 months sharing your body and now Motherhood. Enjoy! Time will go fast then you think.

Joe you will be a great father!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the update, Joe. I've been curious to see how Charlie has been doing, and you and Sarah of course. The miracle of medicine these days - I have no doubt he's doing wonderfully and will be carried out of there in 6 weeks ready to kick some Yankee butt. Stay strong over the next 6 weeks and help each other. I look forward to watching Charlie's progress through your blog & FB posts. XOXO Liz (and Dave).

Katie said...

Yay congratulations!!! I'm so excited and so relieved to hear that everyone is doing great. Let me know if I can help out in any way as I'm sure you weren't 100% prepared for Charlie's arrival yet!

Lesley said...

Congratulations to all three of you, especially to Charlie for choosing such awesome folks as parents! Hang in there,and don't forget that old parenting hands like me love to help out in any way possible...free advice, lasagne, baby sitting down the road...


emilie inc. said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations on your early gift! Charlie is just precious, and I'll be thinking of him and sending some hearty New England vibes his way for continued good health and growth in the NICU. xoxox